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There’s something about the process of baking that entices me. One thing is that baking naturally forces me to live in the moment. I need to be aware of what I’m doing, following the recipe step by step in order to know what to do next. I also like how baking is an experiment and a transformative process. Like how the unique scent of sugar, egg and butter gradually reform to create an infusion of scents once creamed together. Or how the white sugar grain reacts with hot water and when heated to the right temperature, develops into a golden syrupy caramel. It’s really interesting, kind of like high school chemistry lab (not that I was very good at that). Only now it’s more fun since I’m allowed to both taste and experiment.

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I think there’s something exciting about the idea of travelling the world that makes people agitated to hoist a backpack, drop everything and take a one-year trip around the globe. Perhaps it’s the thrill of becoming passive observer in an exotic new culture or of fleeing from the normality of everyday life. What do you guys think? For me, it’s the idea of both. I want the sense of anonymity in a foreign country where no one knows who I am and I can do whatever I want. But I also long for a short escape from any expectation, responsibility and just reality in general. I long for that sweet thought of freedom…

However, recently I came to think that maybe my urge to leave home and explore the world made me take for granted the beauty of my origin.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset I always wonder what it’s like to have a career as a traveller that allows one to hop on a plane and fly around the world as easy and frequent as taking a bus. To casually cross countries like moving across buildings. I wonder how those people feel to have their realities shift ever so often. Do people get use to it eventually? I’ve lived in Bangkok for almost the entire 21 years of my life but I still felt slightly dazed and jet lagged returning here after being away for a year. Maybe it was the sudden change in climate, from Brisbane’s cool winter breeze to Bangkok’s blazing summer sun or the three hours delay in time zone? I don’t really know. Still, this slight daze and jet lag doesn’t stop me from waking up at 6am and hitting the Spring Epicurean Farmers Market at 8am the very next day. Such was my love for good food and markets 😀

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I don’t usually consider myself a spontaneous person. I have a huge calendar plastered on my bedroom wall where I make plans days and sometimes even months in advance. I like knowing roughly how my day would unfold and what to expect. But I have to admit I do get a rush of adrenaline every time I decide to do something unplanned and spontaneous. Plus I think the best memories I’ve made are usually from those spur of the moment decisions. Perhaps it’s a sign that I should forget the calendar and loosen up a little? Henceforth, this Sunshine Coast road trip.

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10407954_10152982567517816_8788426531201926897_n Hey guys! So this is my very first blog post and I’m super excited to kick-start it with something on a sweeter side. Earlier last week, I was invited to sample Passion Tree café’s new waffle and soft-serve menu. Passion tree is a dessert café located right in the CBD on Elizabeth Street serving all kinds of luscious sweets from cakes, pastries, and waffles to frozen yogurt and the newest addition of soft-serve ice-cream. They also make Patbingsu, which is a traditional Korean shaved iced dessert usually served with condensed milk and a variety of toppings (my favorite has to be the one with red bean and mochi). I’ve always wanted to try Passion Tree but usually was too full from dinner or lunch somewhere else in the city to even consider dessert. So I was so keen to attend this event. Read More