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Hi guys,

So it has been one week since I started my green-venture 30 days zero waste challenge in Bangkok. So far I’ve tried to:

  • Not use any plastic, but instead carry my own water bottle and tote bag.
  • Not produce food waste, which means finishing my food.
  • Start composting
  • Learn how to make my own products
  • Reduce overconsumption by not buying unnecessary stuff, yup that includes all kinds of shopping.

I am really enjoying this challenge even though it is as hard (or even harder than) as I thought it would be.

Not use any plastic (2/5)

I’ve been carrying around my stainless steel water bottle and a tote bag like I’ve promised. I’ve been doing it everyday. Yet still plastic has been incorporated in a Bangkokian’s life that I still find it hard to detach myself from the system. The other day I went grocery shopping at Gourmet Market in Emporium Shopping Centre. Even though I had my tote bag with me, I still wasn’t paying attention when the cashier lady put all my stuff in a plastic bag and handed it to me. Guess what I did? Yup, I have to shamefully admit that I willingly accepted. It was about 5 minutes after that did I realize what had just happened. It was like using plastic has been so instilled in my daily life that I completely zoned out.

At least once I realized what I did; I transferred all the stuff I bought into my own tote bag before walking back and returning the plastic bag back to the cashier lady. I think you all can imagine the funny look she gave me.

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Are any of you guys out there happens to be a breakfast foodie? Well I am. I love breakfast food. Go check out my pinterest and you’ll see a whole board dedicated to all things breakfast, (while lunch or dinner food are clumped into one single board). When I think of breakfast, it’s a two way street: sweet or savoury. For a sweet breakfast I usually think of buckwheat pancakes, overnight oats, peanut butter and honey on toast. However, if someday I’m craving something savoury, I usually think of eggs. Whether it’s scrambled eggs, omelette, eggs benedict or a simple eggs on toast.

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There’s something about the process of baking that entices me. One thing is that baking naturally forces me to live in the moment. I need to be aware of what I’m doing, following the recipe step by step in order to know what to do next. I also like how baking is an experiment and a transformative process. Like how the unique scent of sugar, egg and butter gradually reform to create an infusion of scents once creamed together. Or how the white sugar grain reacts with hot water and when heated to the right temperature, develops into a golden syrupy caramel. It’s really interesting, kind of like high school chemistry lab (not that I was very good at that). Only now it’s more fun since I’m allowed to both taste and experiment.

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