Hi! I’m Mai. I’m Thai, currently twenty-two and a psychology major at University of Queensland in Australia and Chulalongkorn University Thailand.

Despite my psychology background, I also have a deep-rooted interest in food, health, and nutrition.

So what is maikitchn?

maikitchn extends from my personal food instagram (@maikitchn), where I mostly post pictures of food (mostly healthy)  I made, my visit to the best restaurant and cafes and ocassionally to trip to organic farms.

This blog will be an open kitchen for me to record and feed into my love for good wholesome food as well as thoughts and ideas about health, nutrition, organic and sustainability, pretty much things I’m passionate about.

Why food, health, nutrition, organic and sustainability?

I really love good food. I really love knowing and learning about where my food comes from, how it’s prepared and what are the best foods for my body. I really believe in the idea of using whole foods as the best nourishment for the body and mind. I also believe that the earth and environment shouldn’t suffer from what I decide to put on my plate. This got me really interested in the organic and sustainability movement so therefore I aim to eat local and seasonal as much as I can.

The word health to me encompasses all area of physical and psychological aspect, it is a lifestlye. Being healthy to me doesn’t only mean eating whole and unprocessed foods and regularly exercising. Don’t get me wrong, those are really important to being healthy. But I believe that holistic wellness means having a happy and healthy mind. It includes have a healthy eating habits where you have a good attitude and gratitude towards the food you eat while also respecting and embracing your body as is.

So what now?

I love finding new books, blogs and  documentaries to watch as I really enjoy learning and finding out more about food, health, nutrition, organic and sustainability. This blog is where I will keep a recollection of interesting things I’ve read or thoughts that cross my mind. I hope that what I share will be of interest to any of you readers out there as well.



If you have any inquiries, shoot my me an email at 🙂



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