When House try to go zero-waste

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What?! Another week has passed already? Time is flying by way too fast. I still haven’t really progressed into my green-venture composting challenge like I promised in the last post. Mainly because I’ve just been so busy working on my last senior project (and other assignments) due this upcoming Friday. I’ll definitely get back to it when I finish with all my uni work.

Anyway, so this week, with nothing much to write about. I ask, not force, my boyfriend to embark on this green-venture challenge for me and being the thoughtful kind of guy that he is, he also took the time to reflect and share his experience in  the writing below. Over to House..

House’s zero-waste experience

What does it mean to be an environmentally responsible person? Does it mean riding a bicycle to work everyday? Or profusely refusing to buy non-organic goods? Because of the current ever-growing (and ever-changing) climate concerns, and from being inspired by Mai’s ongoing zero-waste attempt, I have decided to embark on my own journey this past week in hope of finding some resolutions to the aforementioned questions. With my busy work schedule as ‘one of those’ office workers, I was intimidated by the thoughts that this commitment would become a burden in terms of inconvenience and unnecessary time-wasting. (Spoiler alert: I was wrong).

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Avoiding Plastics

Before I started this waste-free week, I thought not using plastic would be easiest to do. I thought it was a breeze to carry on with my daily life without plastic, not heeding to Mai’s constant nagging warning that it is not so easy (Spoiler alert #2: she was right). I can’t begin to describe the magnitude and extent that plastic is ingrained into our lives after trying to live a week without it. Through channelling my focus to eliminate plastic usage, this past week made me realised how much of the things I encountered daily consist of plastic, whether it be the container of a Khao Pad Krapao EzyGo, the straws at a Thong Lo café or a simple bottled water. Some of these are unavoidable for practicality, I mean, do I really want to omit the plastic and hold onto those 4 sticks of sauce-dripping moo-ping and khao-niew I buy from a random street stalls as I packed myself in the elevator? You can call me out for not trying, but I’d rather not be THAT guy.


Another thing to consider regarding plastic avoidance is the fact that everytime I wanted to drink something that is not water, I had to use plastic. For an office worker who depends on coffee like me, this means no coffee for a week (because I was being cheap and chose not to buy a mug and skip coffee – it was the wrong decision). Again, one can choose to see this as the impracticality of the zero-waste approach that only adds complication, however, if the mindless and epidemical use of environmentally damaging plastic can be somewhat mitigated by simply using a mug, then I guess it’s not too troublesome!


Meatless Days

Being a guy that isn’t choosy about what he eats, having to sacrifice meat for two days was relatively easy. Mai and I went to May Veggie Home and Khun Churn for some delicious vegetarian food, where I had to give a special mention to May’s spicy ‘chicken’ wings made from deep-fried cauliflower – it was amazing. What is more noteworthy than those wings, though, is the fact that had it been to go meatless for a week, I would’ve been struggling. Hard. This is by no means due to the fact that I love my meat (and I do), but the access I have to vegetarian food on a daily basis is very limited. There simply isn’t enough vegetarian food near my workplace, moreover, because having lunch as a group is generally a ‘thing’ Thai white collars do (compared to my experience in Australia), I go where the group goes, which isn’t generally where vegetarian food is!


“Knowing Nature, Knowing You”

On Saturday, Mai and I went to a small outdoor forum titled “Knowing Nature, Knowing You”. There were 3 speakers who shared their life stories, each having a different experience of how nature have impacted their lives. There were many messages that hit close to home, so to make it easy (for me) I’m listing them here:


  • Everyone is so focused on the most efficient way to use resources and not enough people are focused on replenishing them.
  • Chances are, you’re not meant to quit your job and become a farmer (like one of the speakers). Do your best in your chosen expertise. The way that you can connect with nature is, for example if you’re a city person like me, supporting local farmers and maintaining a good relationship with them.
  • This world is made complicated only by the people living in it.
  • Knowing what you want and are capable of is the most overlooked step of personal development. Don’t waste time doing what you don’t really love, after all, the clock is always ticking down.

And so much more.

I know this has been more of a rambling recap with no direction whatsoever, but if you’re taking one thing away from reading this (if you actually made it here), I’d like to say that Barney is a purple dinosaur.


Thanks for reading!


PS. All photos are taken from Root Thonglor Market held every other week of the month.

  1. Great post by House – what a nice boyfriend! 🙂 And good luck with your final assignments Mai!


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