my green-venture

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My passion for living a healthy lifestyle is pretty self-explanatory (with the things I post in the blogging space and on instagram). I try to eat good food, aiming for balance, nutrition and organic as often as possible. I do regular exercise, or at least I try to, alternating from time to time between cardio, weight lifting and yoga. I go to bed and wake up early. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink.I would consider myself living a pretty healthy lifestyle. Yet, my way of living exemplifies the concept of health on a more individualized and personal level.

Not until recently did I watch the documentary Cowspiracy that I was introduced to a whole new concept of health. This documentary makes me wonder if humans are now too fixated on their own health that they are causing harm to their own natural habitat. We are told to eat animals for its high protein content, but are oblivious to the cost of raising them. Watching Cowspiracy and other environment documentaries out there made me start to worry about the health of our planet. Health of nature, the system of which sustains us and other existing life forms. I feel like I want to do something, even if it’s just a small thing and might not make a major impact on a larger scale. I feel like if I’m going to be against the system, then I might as well live my life according to my values. Luckily, a friend of mine introduced me to this girl, Laura Singer, who is living a zero-waste lifestyle. Yes, she is literally living her life producing practically no waste.

Crazy as this may sound but it inspires me to follow her zero-waste path. Sounds impossible to do right? Especially living in a metropolitan city such as Bangkok where plastic is so integrated in everyday life, from supermarkets shopping bags, food wrappers, water bottles and take-away boxes, just to name a few. Still, I want to take on the challenge. I would call it my green-venture, for the next 30 days I will try to live my life (almost) zero-waste in Bangkok. In this 30 days I will try to:

  • Not use any plastic – carry my own water bottle and tote bag.
  • Not produce food waste – finish my food.
  • Start composting
  • Learn how to make my own products
  • Reduce overconsumption – not buy unnecessary stuff, yup that includes all kinds of shopping.

You might think if I’m going to do this seriously then why the hell am I not going vegan? I will first try to eat a mostly plant-based diet. I do realize that change does not occur overnight, so I’m going to first go easy on myself and take this one step at a time. Within these 30 days I will post my reflection on my experience trying to start a (almost) zero-waste lifestyle in Bangkok. Hopefully I can share with you guys some helpful information that will inspire anyone of you to take the same first step.

I’m pretty new at this so if any of you have some interesting tips to share with me then please do! (you can comment or #mygreenventure)




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