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Are any of you guys out there happens to be a breakfast foodie? Well I am. I love breakfast food. Go check out my pinterest and you’ll see a whole board dedicated to all things breakfast, (while lunch or dinner food are clumped into one single board). When I think of breakfast, it’s a two way street: sweet or savoury. For a sweet breakfast I usually think of buckwheat pancakes, overnight oats, peanut butter and honey on toast. However, if someday I’m craving something savoury, I usually think of eggs. Whether it’s scrambled eggs, omelette, eggs benedict or a simple eggs on toast.

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(All photos taken at Na Aroon Organic Thai Restaurant)

This space has been left emptied for far too long so I thought it’s about time I brush off the dust and start filling them. A lot has happened since my last blog post. I finally graduated from UQ and have moved back home to Bangkok. Looking back I definitely miss my experience in Australia. I’ve met so many incredible and passionate individuals many of whom have taught and inspired me on so many levels. It’s only when I’m home in my natural comfort zone that I started to realize that one and a half year in Australia has completely changed my mindset towards, life, people and most importantly myself.

One of the biggest values that have been stuck with me since living in Australia is the idea of eating organic. Sure I’ve always been interested in the idea of eating healthy, filling my diet with fruits, vegetables and a good balance of all the macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, proteins). I know that good food can be used to nourish my physical body. But the idea of eating organic has always screamed expensive and unaffordable to a poor uni girl like myself.

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