En route towards Sunshine Coast !

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I don’t usually consider myself a spontaneous person. I have a huge calendar plastered on my bedroom wall where I make plans days and sometimes even months in advance. I like knowing roughly how my day would unfold and what to expect. But I have to admit I do get a rush of adrenaline every time I decide to do something unplanned and spontaneous. Plus I think the best memories I’ve made are usually from those spur of the moment decisions. Perhaps it’s a sign that I should forget the calendar and loosen up a little? Henceforth, this Sunshine Coast road trip.


I’ve heard a lot about Sunshine Coast and how beautiful it is. But since I’ve only been in Brisbane for eight months with the majority of time spent at uni, I’ve never gotten the chance to go there. So after exams, my friends and I finally out of nowhere decided to rent a car and cruise along the beaches of Sunshine Coast as our post-exam celebration.

Our plan was to drive up there early and have breakfast at Tome café. A cute little place, which I’ve been following on instagram and heard makes beautiful cakes and donuts. Tome café is located in a small city on Sunshine Coast called Maroochydore. The minute I got there I knew this place ought to be good. There was a regular flow of customers leaving with big boxes, which I suspected are filled with freshly baked goodies.


There weren’t any donuts when I got there so I went with the almond and blueberry muffin since it looked too good to resist. The muffin was delicious and moist. I really liked the wholesome and chewy texture. But I wasn’t a fan of the cream cheese frosting since I felt it was way too sweet for breakfast. My friends got the almond croissant, raspberry cheesecake and breakfast muesli, which I think they seemed to enjoy.


After our sugar loaded brekkie, we drove towards Noosa Heads. It was such a beautiful day. The sky was clear and the water, which was the deepest and clearest blue, was reflecting sparkles from the sunlight (my pictures really doesn’t do nature justice since in reality it was so much more beautiful).


We spent hours just doing nothing and lying on the sand. It felt so great to not have to worry about anything, no uni, no assignments and just to live in the moment.


After being lazy, we did a short coastal hike to Noosa National Park.

We then drove down to Mooloolaba beach where we feasted on a Mexican dinner at Montezuma’s. We ordered chicken enchiladas, nachos and quesadilla to share. According to my two Ecuadorian friends, this was legit Mexican food. Authentic or not it was so damn good and I was high in cheesy heaven. Apparently Montezuma’s have branches all around Brisbane and Gold Coast. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a huge taco and burrito fan.

Sadly all good things must come to an end. We drove back to Brisbane around sunset en route the same road we took earlier that morning. Only now we returned with full stomachs and pockets full of memories. I can’t help but think ahead about the next road trip. Where should we go? How long should we go for? I’m excited just thinking about it. But then again I have to remind myself that spontaneity can’t be planned and after all being spontaneous was what made this trip so special. 

Thanks for reading guys!




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