Waffle and Soft-serve Party at Passion Tree

10407954_10152982567517816_8788426531201926897_n Hey guys! So this is my very first blog post and I’m super excited to kick-start it with something on a sweeter side. Earlier last week, I was invited to sample Passion Tree café’s new waffle and soft-serve menu. Passion tree is a dessert café located right in the CBD on Elizabeth Street serving all kinds of luscious sweets from cakes, pastries, and waffles to frozen yogurt and the newest addition of soft-serve ice-cream. They also make Patbingsu, which is a traditional Korean shaved iced dessert usually served with condensed milk and a variety of toppings (my favorite has to be the one with red bean and mochi). I’ve always wanted to try Passion Tree but usually was too full from dinner or lunch somewhere else in the city to even consider dessert. So I was so keen to attend this event. To start of was one of the originals from the menu, which was the Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle (warm plain waffle served with blueberry compote and vanilla ice-cream). This waffle was by far my favorite. As simple as it looks and sounds, it was delicious. It’s minimalistic and not too sweet. I could easily see myself having this as a cheat breakfast on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 11541957_10152982567362816_7179817237878104965_n Next up was the Banana Crunch (warm plain waffle served with grilled banana and vanilla ice-cream drizzled with milk chocolate coverture). Banana and chocolate, a match made in heaven, need I say more? 1920402_10152982567522816_8146405115589875944_n This definitely was my second favorite, the Peanut Butter Chew (warm plain waffle served with thick slab of peanut butter, mochi pieces (Yes! The Japanese chewy rice cake dessert) and vanilla ice-cream). I’ve never had peanut butter and mochi together before since they were created from origins quite distant from one another. But surprisingly somehow the two elements just complemented one another. The mochi gave this dish an interesting chewy texture, hence the name Peanut Butter Chew, and paired well with the nut butter. Love it! 10897814_10152982567372816_3936427676842971306_n This was the Caramel Popcorn (warm plain waffle served with whipped cream and sprinkle with heaps of sweet caramel popcorns). I’m not a huge fan of pop corns but maybe there are some popcorn fanatics out there who would love this dish?11412103_10152982567532816_6356622493825326584_n The last waffle I sampled was the S’mores (warm plain waffle with melted marshmallows, strawberries, and vanilla ice-cream). First I didn’t realise that the oozing fluff of whiteness was melted marshmallow! So yah I was surprised when I took my first bite. It tasted pretty good but you know what I think would make it great and a complete s’mores dish? A spoonful of Nutella! Still it tasted delicious on its own and I had to stop myself devouring the whole thing. So that was a good sign!1480762_10152982567367816_1497900308326542537_n Still it only got sweeter from here! I finally got to try the new DIY soft serve menu, which came in a range of flavors, but I opted for the peanut butter one. I decided to go all out and pimped my soft-serve with crumble macarons and Oreos topped on chocolate and almond coated cone. As you can see there was also a fruit loop coated cone and you cannot go wrong with fruit loops. 10411028_10152982567382816_2951752732023647492_n So far I think I’ve tasted my fair share of waffles and the ones served at Passion Tree is definitely one of the good ones, baked golden, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. I have to say I really enjoyed this waffle and soft-serve feast and will definitely be back for more! Passion Tree will launch their new Winter menu on 29th June so keep an eye out if you’re craving for these delicious treats! Thank you for reading guys! Until next time, xx Mai


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